Chagai District

Principal areas of interest for Colt Middle East in Pakistan
(Chagai Hills Balochistan)

The deposits, which are the focus of Colt Middle East Pakistan’s interest, are all located in the Tethyan belt, which runs from Asia to Europe and comprises one of the largest mineral deposits on earth.  Our particular area of interest is in the Chagai Hills, an area explored in detail in the 1970s by the geological survey of Pakistan. To date the only significant mining operation being carried out here is by Chinese State companies in a location called Saindak, which was put into production in the 1980s as a copper mine.  It is estimated that there could be over a substantial wealth of recoverable mineral resources in the region which if further investigated could be exploited for the greater benefit of the Baloch people and the Pakistani nation. All the surveys conducted so far have supported this assumption.